Fire Marshal / Wardens Workshop


All employers have a legal responsibility to ensure there are enough fire marshals / wardens in their workplace and having a designated fully trained person is an important part of fire safety.

Learning Outcomes



Delegates will have a clear understanding of their duties, roles, responsibilities and actions needed to be taken in the event of a fire and fire alarm sounding.

Who should attend?



Anyone who is responsible for overseeing fire safety.  Designated fire marshals / warden.

Agenda ( Half-day Workshop )


  • Introduction.

  • Fire Legislation.

  • What is a fire risk assessment?

    •   Identifying fire hazards.

    •   Identifying the risk and persons at risk.

    •   Evaluating the risk.

    •   Recording the findings.

    •   Review.

  • Fire Detection and Warning.

  • Means of Escape.

  • Means of fighting a fire.

  • Reducing the risk of arson.

  • Emergency Procedures.

    •   Training.

    •   Raising the alarm.

    •   Summoning the Fire Brigade.

    •   Attacking the fire + Fire Evacuation.

    •   Roll call.

  • Disabled Persons.

    •   Wheel Chair users.

    •   Refuge points.

  • Fire warden’s procedures.

    •   Responsibilities of a fire warden.

    •   Duties of a fire warden.

  • Theory of Fire.

    •   Fire extinction.

    •   Fire spread.

    •   Dangers of fire.

  • Fire extinguishers.

    •   How to use them.

    •   Classes of Fire.

    •   Advantages and disadvantages.

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

The Workshop can also be tailored to suit the particular requirements of each organisation.  The organisation can if required pick and choose what areas are applicable to them but only under the guidance of a qualified person.