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IOSH Managing Safely


The three day IOSH Managing Safely course will assist your organisation in ensuring that you keep up to date with current health and safety legislation and guidelines.


This practical  and engaging course will provide information to the delegates to look at what opportunities are available to improve the health and safety of their employees and anyone else who may be affected by the Company’s work activities.


On successful completion of the course delegates will be issued with an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

Learning Outcomes

The Course will assist in improving health & safety awareness within your company and give a practical understanding of how to manage health & safety to help ensure your company is compliant with current health & safety legislation and guidelines.


The aim of the course is to ensure that delegates remain up to date with any changes in health and safety legislation.  The course uses a straightforward, practical approach to give delegates a clear understanding of what control measures and health and safety procedures to consider in the continual improvement of their Company’s health and safety management system in achieving its intended outcomes to prevent or reduce the likelihood of undesired incidents and accidents.


On completion of the workshop delegates will be better able to:


  • Understand why managing health & safety in their workplace is important.


  • Understand the health & safety responsibilities of everyone within their workplace.


  • Define the key terms relating to health & safety.


  • Understand health & safety law and how it can impact on health & safety in their workplace. 


  • Identify workplace hazards and risks and how to implement control measures to reduce and manage them.


  • Identify how to investigate and respond to an incident.


  • Understand why an effective health and safety management system is important and what it should contain.


  • Describe the principles that underpin good health and safety performance.

Who should attend?

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is suitable for Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and everyone who has a responsibility for health & safety within their workplace.


( IOSH recommends that a Refresher course is taken every three years ).

Agenda ( 3 Day Course ) Minimum 5 delegates maximum 15.


The IOSH Managing Safely course has seven modules:


  • Module 1:  Understanding why health & safety is important.

  • Module 2:  How to assess risks within your organisation.


  • Module 3:  How to control risks within your organisation.


  • Module 4:  Understanding everyone’s health & safety responsibilities.


  • Module 5:  Understanding hazards.


  • Module 6:  How to investigate incidents and accidents.


  • Module 7:  How to measure health & safety performance.

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