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Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on the WORKSAFE GB Ltd website and online services is accurate and up to date, but no legal responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or misleading statements.



WORKSAFE GB Ltd is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of, information on sites that it does not manage; nor should the inclusion of a link be taken in itself to mean endorsement by WORKSAFE GB Ltd of the site, the site owner, or any specific content to which it points.


Third party content.

WORKSAFE GB Ltd may also embed third party content such as videos, RSS or twitter feeds on its site. WORKSAFE GB Ltd is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the accuracy of this content nor for any related content. It is also not responsible for the quality or accessibility of this content nor of any related content. The embedding of this content on its site should not be taken in itself to mean endorsement by WORKSAFE GB LTD of the content.




WORKSAFE GB Ltds messages and any attachments are intended only for the INDIVIDUAL or COMPANY to which they are addressed and may contain information which is privileged, confidential or prohibited from disclosure or unauthorised use.  If the RECIPIENT of any transmission is not the INTENDED RECIPIENT, or the EMPLOYEE or AGENT responsible for delivering such materials to the INTENDED RECIPIENT, YOU are hereby notified that any use, any form of reproduction, dissemination, copying, disclosure, modification, distribution and/or publication of any WORKSAFE GB Ltds email messages or attachments other than by it's INTENDED RECIPIENT is strictly prohibited by the SENDER.

Email is an informal method of communication and is subject to possible data corruption, either accidentally or on purpose.  For this reason it would be inappropriate to rely on important information contained on email without obtaining written confirmation.  It is therefore the policy of WORKSAFE GB Ltd " That no legally binding statements, representations or commitments ( collectively statements ) may be made by email.  Any such statements must be confirmed by post ( except where we have specifically agreed with you )before they have any legal effect ". 

WORKSAFE GB Ltd believe but do not warrant that any email + any attachments sent are virus free.  Although WORKSAFE GB Ltd have taken steps to ensure that email + any attachments are free from any viruses, we advise that in keeping with good computing practice, the RECIPIENT should ensure that they are actually virus free.  WORKSAFE GB Ltd can not accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this email or attachments.

The right to moniter email communications through WORKSAFE GB Ltds networks is reserved by WORKSAFE GB Ltd.

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