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Personal Safety Workshop



The Personal Safety Workshop will assist delegates to develop the skills required and the confidence to help them communicate and deal safely and effectively with aggressive and difficult people and situations they may come into contact with during their work activities.


The workshop incorporates a lot of interactive activities including group discussions, team exercises and the opportunity at all times to ask questions and highlight points of concern. Throughout the workshop the delegates are informed to always think about and consider their own work environment and activities.

Learning Outcomes



To recognise, control and prevent or defuse incidents with the potential for aggressive or violent behaviour within a premises environment.


Who should attend?



Directors, managers, line managers, supervisors, health and safety officers, occupational health officers, trade union representatives, employee representatives.  In fact anyone who has responsibility for managing the welfare of the workforce.

Agenda (3 Hour Workshop )


  • What is violence at work?

  • Identification of situations with the potential for violence.

  • Identification of the causes of aggression.

  • Understanding the reactions of the body to fear.

  • Recognising warning signs of aggression in people.

  • How to read body language signals in communication.

  • Techniques for controlling and defusing aggression.

  • Behaviour/Attitude cycle.

  • How to maintain self-control.

  • Calming behaviour.

  • Active listening.

  • How to disengage from an angry person if necessary.

  • Management of violence at work.

  • Lone working.

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

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