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Fire Risk Assessments


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006 gives all employers a general duty to carry out a fire safety risk assessment for their premises and regularly review the assessment and make any changes as required. The fire safety risk assessment will identify the fire precautions that need to be put in place to protect employees, visitors, contractors, fire fighters, property and any neighbouring buildings.

WORKSAFE GB Ltd offers you a professional and comprehensive fire risk assessment which will identify areas of fire risk on your premises. The assessment will highlight the actions needed for you to protect your employees and buildings and meet the current fire safety legislation and guidelines.

The fire safety risk assessment will be conducted by a highly qualified fire safety expert with many years experience.

Whether your company is a factory, office, shop, hotel or care home you have a legal and moral duty to protect your employees, premises and everyone on your premises from the risk and dangers of fire (all employers, building owners, or occupiers must carry out a fire safety risk assessment).  WORKSAFE GB Ltd will work with you to help you meet your general fire duties using a clear, professional and comprehensive approach.

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