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What is PUWER?

PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (1999 in Northern Ireland).

These regulations cover work equipment and machinery that is used every day in the workplace.


It includes employers, employees, contractors and suppliers. In fact anyone who uses or has access to machines in the work place.  


Equipment must be:


  • Suitable for its purpose.

  • Regularly maintained.

  • Used only by those adequately trained.

  • Inspected by a competent person.  


PUWER Regulations apply to any work activities in Great Britain and also offshore installations ( Oil Rigs / Gas Supply Platforms ).


You are subject to these regulations whether you are an employer, self-employed or employed, supervise or manage the use of the equipment operated by others.


(The Regulations do not refer to equipment used by the public.  This comes under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  It also does not apply to those who supply or sell equipment ).


It is up to the buyer to ensure that it is specified, installed and used correctly.  


The Regulation also focuses on knowledge, training and experience of the user and whether the equipment is constructed etc so that it does not pose a threat or risk to safety in the workplace.

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