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Julie Allison on... Chemical Fogging for Covid-19 Secure Workplaces.

The only true method of rendering a workspace ( or any other space for that matter ) Covid-19 secure is to fully sanitise the area.

True 100% coverage is achieved through chemical fogging.

Chemical fogging uses an atomised fine mist of products, such as silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide.

These chemical products at 5% solution strength are safe for soft furnishings and do not leave any harmful by products ( the product itself breaks down to water and oxygen ).

Sodium hypochlorite ( bleach ) and Alcohol products are not safe to spray.

The former leaves a chlorine residual which damages materials and metals, whilst the latter creates a fire risk.

It is important that this procedure is carried out safely.

All personnel are removed from the area to be fogged, apart from the cleaning personnel who are wearing full PPE, including protective clothing, boots and HEPA filters on Facemasks.

The area is then sealed off whilst the operation takes place.

After completely fogging an area personnel cannot re-enter until residuals drop to 1ppm of H202 in the room.

This is then tested by the cleaning personnel and is normally 2-3 hours after the fogging has taken place.

The space then remains covid-19 secure for up to 2-3 weeks after completion of the fogging.

This is due to the secondary disinfection effect of the silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide which leaves a biofilm resistant to pathogens.

Julie Allison

B.Eng. Chem.Eng

Director Maid in Stratford Ltd

We offer chemical fogging to combat Covid-19

Tel: 07429511415



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