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No 1 major cause of workplace fire is Arson

The (FPA) Fire Protection Association state that there are four major causes of workplace fires.

Effective emergency procedures are vital in case of a fire but prevention and minimisation of the risks first are essential.

1. Arson.

Always evaluate the danger of Arson in your risk assessment alongside accidental fire.

These fires tend to be more serious as they are started deliberately and with intent.

2. Electrical.

Make sure your equipment is regularly inspected and that staff are encouraged to spot the signs of overheating etc.

The fire that caused damage valued at over £30 million at Windsor Castle in 1992 was caused by the heat of a spotlight igniting the curtain.

3. Hot Work.

Anything with the potential to cause hot sparks or molten metal to ignite combustable or highly flammable materials are defined as hot works ( flame cutting, burning, welding and grinding ).

The best way to prevent the risk of fire is to ban it but this is not always feasible or practical. To minimise the risk try to restrict it and use other methods rather than welding.

4. Smoking.

Since the smoking ban the risks have reduced. Be aware that some people may now smoke covertly and out of site, if there is not a designated smoking area for them.

E-cigarette chargers are now cause for concern. If you allow e-cigarettes to be charged onsite insist that they are not left plugged in overnight.


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