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Patrick Lopaski on... Asbestos Awareness Training.

Did you know deaths from asbestos-related diseases are expected to peak in 2025?

Indeed a chilling fact considering asbestos use will have been banned for more than 25 years by this point in the United Kingdom.

HSE figures indicate that there are 5000 asbestos deaths a year, including 20 tradespeople per week.

According to a report, there are still six million tons of asbestos within 1.5 million buildings in the United Kingdom, including hospitals and in 8 out of 10 schools.

Some worrying facts above, right?

So what can we do to help to drive down these numbers?

We can expand our knowledge and reduce our risk.

Through correct training and competency, we can find out where asbestos may typically be present in premises, how we can reduce our exposure and in case of emergency procedures, how we can lower the chance of asbestos fibres becoming airborne, 

Asbestos Awareness training is now more accessible than ever before with the rise of the technology of internet-based learning also known as eLearning, and users can gain a wealth of information from home, keeping costs down and learning at your own pace and convenience.


To finish, I thought I would answer a frequently asked question when it comes to asbestos in homes.

Q "If asbestos is found in my premises, does it need to be removed?"

A "No not necessarily, it depends on the type of asbestos, its condition, its location, extent and the occupancy of the area, So the decision to remove, encapsulate or manage the asbestos is based on a risk assessment best made by professionals.

A special thanks to Helena at WORKSAFE GB Ltd. for inviting me to be included on her informative Health & Safety blog.

Patrick Lopaski, Training Manager at NATAS Training Ltd.. 

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Patrick Lopaski. Training Manager at NATAS Training Ltd.


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