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Peter Broughton on... Good Handling Techniques

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Peter Broughton - WORKSAFE GB Ltd

1. Stop and think.

2. Plan lifting activity.

3. Remove obstructions.

4. Do you need help?

5. Adopt a stable position.

6. Load between feet.

7. Leading foot in line with side of load.

8. Feet if possible facing direction of movement.

9. Adopt a good posture.

10. Moderate flexion.

11. Tilt the load and get a good grip.

12. Test the load.

13. Do not kneel.

14. Take a deep breath before lifting.

15. Tuck in the chin.

16. Keep load close to body.

17. Lift load smoothly and gradually.

18. Do not flex back any further while lifting.

19. Avoid twisting or leaning sideways when lifting.

20. Keep the load close to the waist.

21. Keep the heaviest side of the load next to the body.

22. Keep head up.

23. Move smoothly, do not rush.

24. When turning to the side move the feet.

25. Do not twist the body.

26. Do not lean over obstacles.

27. Put down first, then adjust.

28. If precise positioning is necessary put down then slide to desired position.


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