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Tips for Safe Work around Large Vehicles

Top Tips for Safe Work around Large Vehicles

  1. Take time to consider the vehicle's movements and assess which control measures would be needed, eg: are pedestrians safe or are barriers, or other forms of segregation, needed.

  2. Look around at what other work activities are commencing on site. Consider could other workers come into contact with a moving vehicle.

  3. Are all drivers licenced, trained and competent to drive the size of vehicle that they are allocated to drive?

  4. Always ensure that other drivers coming onto the site are well versed in the site rules, any speed limits or one way systems and the need to limit any reversing operations.

  5. The windscreen and all mirrors should be kept clean and nothing should obscure the drivers' view.

  6. Check that external mirrors provide all-round vision with no blind spots.

  7. Could CCTV be used within the vehicle? If yes make sure that camera lenses are kept clean. Drivers also need to be aware of any adjustment time needed as the light changes.

  8. Ensure other workers can be seen by wearing high-visibility clothing.

  9. Consider how to reduce traffic flow at peak times such as lunch or shift changes.

  10. Lastly, make a habit of reviewing regularly any accident or near miss data. This will flag up any potential areas of risk.

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