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Jo Howarth on... Why Should You Care?

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Jo Howarth - The Happiness Club

When I set my company up 6 years ago the world was a very different place. Most of the employers that I spoke to at that time, about providing stress management and resilience training for their people, simply weren’t interested. They didn’t see why they should shoulder the responsibility for other people’s mental health.

Times have changed. More conversations are happening now, people are discussing mental health more openly. We still have a way to go but the shift is definitely moving in the right direction.

So why should you care? Why should you care about the mental health of your people? Why should you give two hoots?

The business answer is that it simply makes good business sense.

Let me tell you why.

Happy, resilient people are better problem solvers and they make better decisions. When you experience high levels of stress your concentration and focus go out of the window, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to make even the simplest of decisions. When you are relaxed your brain is able to function properly, in the way it was designed to do, you will make better decisions and be able to find the solutions to any problem that raises it’s head.

Happy, resilient people are healthier generally. They are less sick. They take less sick days. That costs you less money. The average employee costs an employer approximately £554 per annum in sick days. Multiply that number by the number of employees you have, get your calculator out now and work out how much that is costing your business. So if you help them to stay happy and resilient then your sickness absence rates will decrease.

Happy, resilient people are more motivated, more engaged and more loyal. How high is your staff turnover? And how much does that figure cost you in terms of recruitment and training? Let me tell you a secret, if you look after your employees they will love you for it. They will love you more for doing that than if you gave them a pay rise. They will feel valued and important. They will want to stay with you forever.

Those are just a few of the business reasons why managing the stress levels in your working environment is a good idea. Building the resilience of your people builds the resilience of your business.

Jo Howarth

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